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CEO and Founder


Kathy Jang is an entrepreneur and a married mother of two residing in Phoenix, AZ. Her family is the driving force behind her commitment to real estate investing and the inspiration behind everything that she does. In 2007, Kathy and her husband began renting the townhome they owned. That little bit of rental income was the tiny spark that would ultimately become Diamond Point Homes. The townhome rental led to other single-family home investments, which eventually evolved into a vast multifamily portfolio.  


Kathy began her multifamily journey as a passive investor on several projects as a limited partner. As she studied the markets and learned the industry, Kathy began to leverage her experience to become a lead syndicator on future investments.  She is now a full-time real estate professional with a portfolio of >2,000 units, with >$150MM Assets Under Management in various markets, focused primarily on diamond-in-the-rough properties where she can add value with renovations and effective operations. 


Kathy Jang holds an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and started her career as a Big 4 consultant at Deloitte and KPMG, where she sharpened her analytical skills.  She then earned an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, where Kathy strengthened her operation and strategy skills, ultimately landing her a prestigious role in medical device marketing for nuclear medicine and then in heart failure therapy. While real estate has offered Kathy a life of occupational and financial freedom, she continues to serve as an outside advisor for the makers of Invisalign® clear aligners. She is also the co-organizer of the Arizona Multifamily Mastermind Group, which helps individuals acquire, own, and operate apartments in Arizona.   


Becoming a passive investor changed Kathy’s life for the better. She was able to create the life she imagined while being more present with her family, involved in her community, and intentional with her schedule. Her ability to live life on her terms is what inspires Kathy to empower, educate, and encourage others about the freedoms that passive investing can offer so that they, too, can live their most meaningful lives.  


The pictures below are highlights of the meaningful adventures that Kathy has had the joy of creating. She looks forward to creating more memories and living her life to the fullest for years to come.  

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“It [passive income] has enabled me to have a lifestyle that is so much more meaningful to me and has made me that much more passionate about just educating people about it as well." -  Kathy Jang

“It's about impact. It's about freedom. It's about what we can do, but not about money and not about stature.” -  Yonah Weiss

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“Loved the fact that we were the ugly building on the block… it was a great community, but the property itself was lacking and we were not scared of renovating the property. It actually was enticing for us because then we are able to really change and help the tenants and the community. I love that - it made it more meaningful and it’s what I thrive on. It was one of those projects where we knew we could make a difference.” — Kathy Jang [0:15:14]

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“I actually became a real estate professional because I really wanted [the ability] to spend time on my priorities.” — Kathy Jang [0:01:59]

“I think the scalability of multifamily is really a great pro. Also, I love the team aspect of multifamily.” — Kathy Jang [0:04:46]

“Whether it's a good economy, a bad economy, there's always a solid need for class B properties.” — Kathy Jang [0:08:14]

“If the only way you can get your income is through your time, then it's hard to really build a retirement plan based off of your W2.” — Kathy Jang [0:11:18]

"What I think DPH can really make an impact to, is to investors looking to ramp up their passive income."  - Kathy Jang [0:02:40]
"I can hear it in your voice.. I hear that excitement and that passion in your voice.  Why passive income and why does it get you excited?" - Ray Hightower [0:03:15]
"I'm thankful we have the opportunity to provide people solid places to live.  We are working on building out communities that are meaningful for these individuals as well.  I love that." - Kathy Jang [0:8:53]
"It feels amazing to have that ability to impact others.  I love seeing that the tenants have pride of ownership.. When you see that, you want more for them and it makes this whole process that much more beautiful to be a part of." - Kathy Jang [0:11 :10]

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